To submit your complaint please use our online form by clicking on the link below.

This form is designed to capture your complaint as quickly and as easily as possible and will be passed directly to our complaints team. Please provide as much information as you can to help us deal with your complaint appropriately.

Complaint Handling

You can make a complaint if you:

  • Have experienced inappropriate behaviour from a police officer, staff member, contractor or volunteer. For instance, if you felt they were rude or aggressive in their treatment of you
  • Saw a police officer, staff member, contractor or volunteer acting inappropriately
  • Have been adversely affected by the conduct of a police officer, staff member, contractor or volunteer, even if it did not take place in relation to you.

If you are representing someone affected by any of the categories listed above, and wish to make a complaint on their behalf, you will need to have their written permission. This does not apply if you are the parent or guardian of a child aged 16 or under and wish to complain on their behalf.

You can also complain about how a police force is run. For example, you can complain about policing standards or policing policy.

There is no time limit for making a complaint. However, if you complain about something that happened more than 12 months ago, you should explain why you didn’t complain sooner.

You can submit your complaint using our online form.

If you are having difficulty using the form a complaint can also be submitted by completing our complaint form (Word or PDF) and emailing this to

If you're not able to email the form, you can print it, complete it and send it to:

Dyfed Powys Police Headquarters
SA31 2PF


If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or have difficulties with speech you can contact us by text, please click here for more details.

If you need information in another language or format please contact us to request.

If you need assistance in making a complaint you can ask for someone to act on your behalf or an advocacy organisation or support group can make a complaint on your behalf.

You can also let us know and we will try to help by:

  • Directing you to a suitable advocacy or support group if required
  • Providing access to interpreters
  • Providing correspondence in alternative formats
  • Providing facilities for the deaf, hard of hearing or speech-impaired

The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) have produced an easy read guide to making a complaint against the police which can be found here They have also produced an easy read version of the complaint form which can be submitted to us.

You can also download this form from our page in Word or PDF.


Once your complaint has been submitted it will be logged and we will contact you promptly to confirm how we will deal with it.

All complaints will be dealt with  in a reasonable and proportionate way. This means doing what is appropriate in the circumstances, taking into account the facts and the context in which the complaint has been raised, within the framework of legislation and guidance.

Often, this may involve an explanation or apology, or other information to assure you that appropriate action is being taken. 

For some complaints, we may carry out an investigation into your complaint. You will be told how your complaint will be investigated and how a decision will be reached.

We will also ask you how you would like us to contact you and keep you informed of progress. 

We will also consider whether your complaint should be referred to the IOPC.

After we have handled your complaint we will write to you to tell you the outcome and explain whether you can request a review or appeal.

The IOPC oversees the police complaints system. It is independent, making its decisions entirely independently of the police, government and complainants.

Police forces deal directly with most complaints against their officers or staff, while the IOPC investigates the most serious complaints, incidents and allegations of misconduct. The IOPC deal with some appeals or reviews from people who are not satisfied with the way their complaint has been dealt with.

Further information on the role of IOPC and the type of appeal/review they can deal with can be found on their website


Click here to read more about the Professional Standards Department - the department responsible for the investigation of all public complaints, whether they are made about Police Officers, Police Staff or Special Constables.