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Being a Special Constable is a unique opportunity to do something special, both for yourself and your community. It’s a vital role, giving you gives you invaluable experiences and training that you can use throughout your life to achieve your personal or professional goals.

Special Constables are volunteer police officers who wear the same uniform, carry the same equipment and hold the same powers of arrest as your regular police officer colleagues.You’ll attend incidents alongside regular police officers, and no two shifts will ever be the same. Whether you’re attending collisions, dealing with domestic abuse incidents, carrying out high visibility reassurance patrols, or making an arrest – you’ll be right at the heart of day-to-day policing.

As a Special Constable in Dyfed-Powys Police, you’ll be a valued and supported member of the the wider policing family. You will learn new skills, see new things and make real differences to the lives of our communities.. You’ll make new friends, see life from new perspectives and play a key part in keeping people safe.

Working as a Special Constable can be done alongside other employment, studying or in retirement.  You can use your experience from your work and personal life to provide a different perspective and way of looking at some of our policing challenges.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn, gain new experiences, work with others and give something to the community.

What are Special Constables?

Special Constables are voluntary police officers who have full constabulary powers to support police officers. They create a link between the police and local communities.

Special Constables come from all walks of life. They are local people from varied backgrounds and all sections of the communities (such as teachers, farmers, students, stay at home parents etc.)

Whether bringing up a family, studying, retired or in part/full time employment, Special Constables are an integral part of the policing family. They actively contribute to giving something back to the community.

For more information on what the role could entail please see ‘Volunteering as a Special Constable’ section.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to join Dyfed-Powys Police as a Special Constable. We expect honesty, integrity and a sense of commitment from individuals who want to do something important in their spare time.

You must be physically fit with good interpersonal skills and the self-confidence to deal with a wide variety of people.

We ask for a commitment of 16 hours service every month (4 hours per week). Working hours are flexible and you will need to be available to attend the initial training courses which are held on weekends. You’ll receive expenses to cover your travel while in training and on duty.

Being a Special Constable may not always be easy but you will find the work challenging, varied and immensely enjoyable.

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